Ok girls this is our site and this where we can be honest with ourselves and each other! Lets talk about romance.  What we want, what we get and what we can do to make the changes we need.  Lets all participate because not one of us girls has all the answers to Love and Romance. so lets help each other by commenting here to help us get all we can in this important area of our lives!

7 Things Women Need in a Relationship

7 Things Women Need in a Relationship   I want to talk about the basics today. Things that we ladies need in our relationships in order to function. Things that some may be aware of, but most are not. Let’s face it, ladies. We love the men in our lives. Sometimes they...

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What We All Really Want

Lets get past all the BS that the media would tell us about romance. What we really want is to feel safe and secure with the men in our lives. We want to know we are valued by our partners and appreciated for what we bring to the relationship and nothing...

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