5 Signs you’re becoming an Adult

Growing up can sometimes be a weird experience that just sort of seems to happen. You go to sleep one night and wake with more hair, voting rights, and a bunch of people wanting your money. You realize life isn’t what you thought it was. It’s not a rainbow filled candy land waiting for you to fulfill your destiny. No, Life is more Gotham City. Trying to kill you at every single moment, and it’s your job to fight back and try and something out of it all. Are there any ways of knowing you’ve made the jump from silly adolescent or young adult to full grown responsible adult? Are there any signs you’ve arrived at the shores or responsibility? There most certainly are. Here’s 5 Signs you are becoming an adult.


You’ve started to take your health into account

The era of the spring chicken is over, and now you are starting to hear things crack and pop. You’ve noticed you’re more tired that you used to be. You breathe a little heavier when you walk up any stairs. Those pants you wore when you were younger no longer fit you, and all you can say is that they must have shrunk. You realize that you are not 21 anymore, and every decision you make will actually directly affect you in your life. So you make the decision to get more sleep, eat less junk food, drink more water, and make exercise a few times a week. You’re doing it, not because you want to get jacked and look like a bodybuilder, but because you want to be healthy. That understanding is what separates you from a 19 frat boy.


 You don’t care if everybody like you or not

People in your life will come and go. You’ll find that they people who truly matter will be the ones that stick around, and the ones that don’t matter will just fade away. Once, you may have had 100 friends, and now you may have a solid 10. You begin to develop an incredible appreciation for true relationships, and you become less privy to creating new relationships. This is part because you get a better idea of who you are and the things that you value. When you meet people, and they may not care for you, it doesn’t bother you. When you were younger and more insecure you might have thought that it must be something you have done to steer the possible acquaintance away. Now, you don’t even sweat it, because you know that if that person doesn’t want you to be a part of their lives, then you probably don’t want them to be a part of your life. You’re probably better off without them.


You actually care about the alcohol you drink

The days of drinking sky vodka out of a water bottle, and trying to guess the notes in boxed wine are long gone. You no longer want to drink to get plastered. Drinking is more of a social thing now. On top of that, you want to drink things that tastes good. So instead of grabbing the cheapest bottle of schnapps you can find, you now spend a little more time and money on deciding what you actually want. Instead of spending 2 dollars on a bottle of wine, you now spend 15 dollars. You are more invested in the overall experience that the bottle of wine will bring.


 You know how to answer inevitable social questions 

This is the most quintessential small talk question, and everyone throws in a few little white lies or exaggerations. Most people list what they would like to be doing. Having an answer for this questions means you’ve found a way to articulate an acceptable answer to something that is infuriating but inevitable.Regardless of who it is, you’ve found a way to portray yourself as a well-rounded and grounded person.


You don’t sweat the small stuff.

You don’t panic over things that you know you an overcome. You make peace with the fact that life is going to throw you situations you don’t know how to handle. You will make mistakes and you are going to fail from time to time, but in the end, you’ll pick yourself up and get back on track. It’s what our twenties are all about.  It’s important to have goals, to make a solid effort to pull it together and make our lives fulfilling. But it’s also important to enjoy both the ups and the downs.



If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms, you just might be an adult. Thanks again for reading my posts. It means the world to me. See you next time.