The CDC Issues Warning to Pregnant Women


Warning to Pregnant Moms in Miami

Hey Ladies, this is a special report for you. The CDC issued a warning to pregnant women to avoid unnecessary travel to the Miami, Florida area. Travelers who are pregnant or considering pregnancy should consult a doctor if in the Miami Area. This is a very serious things ladies, and I want you all to be careful.


What is Zika Virus?

If you are scratching your head, not really sure what the Zika Virus is, let me break it down for you. Zika virus is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito.  The illness is usually mild with symptoms that last at least a week. Many people will not know that they have Zika Virus, because the symptom can sometimes be extremely mild. This makes it more likely for a person to feel well enough to travel or have sex. Zika virus infection during pregnancy is an entirely different story. It can cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly, on top of other severe brain defects.

 Zika is spread to through the bite of an infected mosquito. A pregnant woman can pass Zika to her fetus during pregnancy or around the time of birth. Men can also pass Zika through sex. So it’s important that you and your significant other be careful. Just because you don’t have it, doesn’t mean they don’t.


What Should You Do?

So what should you do if you are a pregnant women either in Miami or a pregnant woman who has recently traveled to an area with Zika? If you’re exhibiting any signs or symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately. I would recommend talking to your doctor even if you are not. All pregnant women can protect themselves by avoiding travel to an area with Zika, preventing mosquito bites, and following recommended precautions against getting Zika through sex.


Symptoms in Pregnant Mothers for Zika Virus

So what should you look out for? Here’s a list of all the symptoms.  The most common symptoms of Zika are:

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Joint pain
  • Conjunctivitis (red eyes)

Other symptoms include:

  • Muscle pain
  • Headache

I was reading that people usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital with Zika. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected. Symptoms of Zika are similar to other viruses spread through mosquito bites.

Zika virus usually remains in the blood of an infected person for about a week. I heard that for men, it stays much longer. Sometimes up to a few months. Your doctor or other healthcare provider may order blood tests to look for Zika or other similar viruses like dengue or chikungunya. Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections. I guess that’s the only bit of comforting news.



I hope this post shed some light on this epidemic. It’s my job to keep you ladies informed. So go and live your lives, and be very careful. Thanks again for reading my posts. It means the world to me. See you next time.