Top 4 Things Emotionally Strong Women Don’t Do

Hey there, Ladies! Today I’ve got something special for you! It’s about one thing. Women! Women are fearless when it comes to changing the game and trying new things. Our level of tenacity is only matched by our level of passion, and throughout it all, we maintain a solid sense of humor. It’s us emotionally strong women who motivate the rest to push on and who emerge as voices of change. However, honing in on your skills and making a name for yourself is not easy; you need the drive, and you need to not get in your own way. Here is the Top 4 things Emotionally Strong Women Don’t Do.


 They Don’t Let Fear Rule Them

Fear can be a terrible crippling agent in your life. Whether it be when you were young, and were afraid of the dark or a full grown adult faced with some sort of situation. If you’re still afraid of the dark as an adult, then that’s okay too. Maybe this article is just not for you. Leave now before I call security, you numb skull. Just kidding. Fear can keep us from fully living the life that we are meant to live. There is nothing than giving into fear, and letting it keep you from experiencing something awesome.

How do you achieve fearlessness, and become the woman you are meant to be? What even is fearlessness? I suppose unless you suffered some sort of brain damage, and can’t actually feel fear fearlessness doesn’t really exist. It’s more about seeing your fear, and not being afraid to embrace them, and overcome them. We Gals are perfectionists. We like to make sure that success is within reach before we decide to attempt anything that would cause us to fail.

We should be pursuing the things that scare us. Life begins the second you step outside of your comfort zone. When you’re unsure, just try it anyway. The worst thing that could happens is you’ll fail. Fail, and then you will move on. Stronger, smarter, and more experienced. So it’s sort of a Win/Win, why not take a leap?


They Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes asking for help is hard. I think all of us say to some degree that we are in favor of asking for help, but when it comes down to brass tax, we don’t always stick to our guns. We don’t want people to see us cry, because if they do our dignity just goes right out the window. Right? No, not at all. Being strong and independent doesn’t mean you have to face life alone. Don’t confuse strength with pride. A prideful person refuses to ask for help even though they truly need it. Why? Because they don’t want to feel embarrassed. They don’t want to be seen as incapable of doing something. They don’t want to feel like a burden. Perhaps their whole life, they were the one to take care of others and they really don’t know how to receive help. So when it is offered to them, they reject it. For they do not know how to even comprehend the idea of someone helping them.

You would be very surprised to find that is the case most of the time. With every hard exterior, there is a soft gooey inside. When you ask for help, it’s actually a sign of strength. Recognizing one’s own weaknesses’ and current state of emergency indicates that you’re in a better place than you think. It’s important that you surround yourself with valuable people that you know will help ease the burdens of life. People that you could talk to and just have a vent session, and let it all out. When you hold things in for long periods of time, they begin to weigh down on you. You walk through life with these heavy burdens, while you could be running through life free as a homeless man.


They Don’t Compare Themselves to Other Women

This one is really important. Insecurity manifests itself in many different ways. One way is through the comparison of ourselves to others. Comparing yourself to others is a form of a self-abuse. It’s a form of self-abuse that we do unintentionally. Let’s say you hate your job, and you don’t make much money. Then you see someone who loves their job, and makes a boat load of money doing what they love. All of sudden you start thinking that you are worthless and have nothing to offer society, and that’s how you’ll be forever. Where did that come from?  Did anyone say that to you? No. Is anyone else thinking that, or is it just you? It’s most likely just you.

Regardless of what you may be feeling, you have to remember that you have something that no one else will ever have. The uniqueness of you. That’s right, you’re not just a worthless Ho. You actually have something to offer this world. Everything has pretty much been done already. The one thing you can offer this world is you, and your perspective. You have the ability to make a difference in this world. Simply by being yourself. I believe Dr. Seuss said it best, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


They Don’t Shy Away from Compliments

Strong Women believe in themselves, and they have an incredible amount of self-confidence. They know who they are, and they don’t mind other people affirming their identity. While it is not necessary for people to do that, it is always welcomed. To them, self-assurance isn’t about focusing the attention on themselves. It’s about solidifying that incredible confidence that they have. They understand that it’s to feed their ego, but it keeps them in the proper frame of mind form life. It makes things like criticism constructive instead of being personal. Being sure of yourself also gives you the strength to help and encourage others. How could you project confidence if you yourself are not confident?

There you have it ladies! Some things to think about. I certainly hoped this helped and encouraged you in some way. Thanks again for reading my posts! It means the world to me. See you next time.