Delta Airlines Review

I am a mother to 6 boys. All of them are tall, bruiting young men with an incredible drive for life, and pursuing the things of their heart. One of my sons, who is 19, just graduated from the United States Air-Force last week. It was really hard for my husband and I to release our boy out into the world. When he first told us he wanted to join The Air Force, we were shocked, but very proud. It takes a lot for a person to choose to serve their country, and the fact that our son made that decision was quite remarkable. While, we supported him in this decision, reality didn’t really set in until the day he was sworn in and we dropped him off. All of a sudden, it wasn’t our 19 year old son that was going into the service. It was our baby boy, and it felt like we were leaving him. That was just a few months ago.

Fast-Forward a little bit to last week, when it was time to fly out to San Antonio, Texas to be reunited with our son. We had our bags packed and we were ready to go, excited to see what kind of man our boy had become. We got dropped off at LAX, went through the TSA Pre-Check line, and waited patiently for our plane to start boarding. My husband and I were excited about the flight. We booked with Delta Airline, and paid extra for first class tickets. The First flight was actually somewhat pleasant. Except for the fact that the flight was late, they changed us to a smaller plane, so the First Class was essentially the same as coach, and they tried telling us that we weren’t seated together, even though our set assignment was confirmed at the time of purchase and again when we checked in.

We landed, went to our hotel, which is another story entirely, and went about the week that we had planned. It was a grueling 5 days. Getting up early, going to bed late, and adjusting to the time change at the same time. As exhausting as it was, it was all worth it. We got to see our son! The difference in him was like night and day. He has changed so much. He was very respectful, and well mannered. You could tell the Air Force really changed him for the better. When it came time to head home, we were optimistic and hopeful about our returning flight. We thought, “Maybe we will actually get the seats we paid for this time.” We were hoping for that first class experience. Unfortunately what we got was something was worse.


The Nightmare

This Returning Flight was possibly the worst flight I have ever been on in my whole entire life. I’m not that young, and I have been on my fair share of commercial flights. So that’s really saying something. Where do I even begin? I could write a whole book about my experience with Delta Airlines. First off we were informed that they have downsized the plane again and they were booked so we could not sit together, they informed my husband that he would have to try and swap seats with another passenger. By this point the other passengers were feeling grumpy and we could not find someone willing to swap seats. We paid for First Class booked our flight and selected our seats at the same time, if Delta Airlines is going to downsize the plane they should keep those who selected to sit together stay sitting together. That aside let’s talk about some of the very basic things that every Airline should supply. I will start with biggest thing that bothered me. They had run out of water, so you couldn’t wash your hands. You had to use the wipes to clean your hands after you used the restroom. What if you ran out of wipes? How would your passengers clean their hands? Absolutely disgusting.

The Next thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was the fact that we could only have one snack on the entire flight. On top of that I couldn’t even order coffee because the flight attendants would never walk around and check on the passengers. It was like they just checked out, or forgot how to do their jobs. They also had no tray tables for our meals. I suppose that didn’t really matter, because they hardly let us have a snack. When I asked for a blanket, they said they did not have any blankets.  No Blankets? No Tray Tables? No Water in the Bathroom? It’s like they just took off before they even finished building the plane. No Respect. No Respect at all.

There are a couple of other things I want to mention. This plane was incredibly dirty. When I got to my seat, there was some weird chewed up cookie or cracker all over it. Honestly, it looked like throw up. I was so disgusted. To top it all off, they were extremely low on alcoholic beverages. I couldn’t even have enough drinks to take my mind off all the trouble that Delta brought upon me. I will most definitely never be using Delta Airlines ever again. I am fairly certain that the reason for most of these issues had to do with the fact that they did not restock or clean the plane in San Antonio, because they were running late. So they just let us on board, and we had to deal with the aftermath of whatever group was there before us.

Delta Customer Service

I decided to give Delta Airlines the benefit of the doubt and called the Delta Airlines customer service number the day after we arrived home. The man who I spoke to was rude, uninterested, and unprofessional, he stated that  we should not expect anything except to get from one location to another. I said what a minute you are saying that water in the bathrooms, clean seats and professional service is not to be expected from Delta Airlines and we paid extra for First Class we do expect food, beverages, and top notch service otherwise why pay extra. I informed him that we could have flown with any carrier and received far better service than we have experienced through Delta Airlines. He stated that my husband had called in to discuss the flight and that he was sent an Amazon gift card for $75.00 for our trouble. I said what an Amazon gift card for $75.00 with no apologies and rude customer service, I then asked to speak with his supervisor and he informed me that he was a supervisor and that their was no one else for me to speak with. I informed him that he was very unprofessional and that I will never fly Delta again and that I will recommend to all my readers and friends to stay clear of Delta Airlines. I latter spoke to my husband and he said that it was a supervisor who answered his call as well, it looks to me like that is how Delta Airlines handles it everyone in their complaint department is a “supervisor” and no matter how bad you experience is the most you will get is a $75.00 gift card if you are lucky.


Consumer Testimonial

I was curious to see if any others had a similar experience, and it turns out they have. Here’s what some people are saying about Delta Airline.

“Our flight was from Salt Lake to Atlanta at 8:30 am. My wife woke up at 5 am and saw the email they sent letting us know our flight was delayed and we would miss our connecting flight out of Atlanta to Key West. Flying into Key West we were 7,000 feet above the airport and 4 min out. The pilot decided it was raining too hard, and did not land the plane. He diverted us to Miami, and said “They had a bus to take us to Key West.” A bus that we waited for over an hour to show up. Instead of arriving at our final destination at 5:11 pm like we originally planned, we arrived at 2:00 am the next day. I will never fly with Delta again. They don’t care about their customers one bit.”



It seems that every review I have seen has Delta listed as being at least late, and incredibly problematic. That is most certainly something that I can concur with. You might be thinking about using Delta because their tickets might be less expensive. I am not going to tell you not to buy the ticket, because when you have to go somewhere and you’re on a budget, the less money you spend is good. I’m simply saying that you’re more likely to have issues with Delta than it be smooth sailing. So that’s my two cents on the matter. Thanks again, Ladies! It means the world to me that you read my posts. See you next time!