Verizon Review

If you’ve been following my site for a while, you’ll probably remember the review I did of sprint some time ago. I pretty much ripped them for being so terrible. Well, I have some good news for you! I switched over to the Verizon Family. Yep, you heard it right! I made the jump over to greener, slightly more expensive pastures. So I just wanted to take minute and talk Verizon and my experience so far. Since then, my experience with Sprint has gone from bad to worse.  I feel like I gained an experience and now all I want to do is preach the gospel of Verizon, and warn against the snare of Sprint.


The Service

I can’t begin to tell you how quickly I noticed a different in my cell reception. With Sprint there was not a time where I would be able to load a picture on Facebook or check a text message without some lag. With Verizon, it really is lightning fast. There was a real test that was sort of my way of determining if Verizon is truly better than Sprint. By my house, there is a dead spot. Where my sprint phone would always go out. All bars would just drop, and anything I was doing would not matter. Then the service wouldn’t return until I got down to the bottom of the hill. With Verizon, the calls didn’t drop, and the service stayed intact and strong. Allowing me to finish my phone call and Pandora music as I drove.

The difference in price is not what you’d think either. To be quite honest, I was paying more when I was with Sprint. The thing is with sprint, they kept on adding charges that were not initially agreed upon. If I had known, I was going to be paying as much as I was, I would have never switched to sprint.


Customer Support

I love the Verizon customer Support system way better than Sprint for one reason. I can understand them! With Sprint, I always got stuck with these foreign people with really heavy accents that always mistook what I was saying, and did reciprocate properly. Also, I love the fact that my contract is in English. For some reason, my contract with Sprint was written in Spanish. I do not speak Spanish. I did not ask for a Spanish contract. At no point, did I even mention the word “Spanish” in my conversation with the rep who set me up. So what does sprint do? They give me a Spanish contract. One that the customer service rep over the phone cannot read. So thanks for making my life a living hell, Sprint. The Verizon employee speak English, and they actual know what they are doing. They won’t transfer you to India to talk to some amateur who just started that day.

Even when I was at the store, buying my phone. I was there for at least a couple of hours. The Verizon rep was so helpful, and very patient with me. He even got me couple bottles of water. Now, how many electronic store do you know of that will get you some water? Yeah, not too many.



Switching back to Verizon has honestly changed the way I live my life. Now, I am not constantly worried about dropping call or not being able to connect with the world. Even the voice clarity is better when I talk to someone. With Sprint, I always felt like I was talking to Charlie Browns Teacher. Overall, it’s a big improvement. Thanks, Verizon! Thank you, ladies for reading my posts. I t means the world to me. See you next time!