5 Best Tips for Mothers

Hey ladies! This one comes straight from the heart! I am a mother of multiple children. The one thing I wish I had when I first started off was all the knowledge and wisdom that I attained after raising my children. There were many times where I doubted my ability as a mother. I tried my very best, and never thought it was enough. I think that is something that every mother goes through. So I just wanted to share some tips about motherhood. This one goes out to all the ladies who are already moms or are going to be moms very soon. Enjoy!


You Are Good Enough

This is something I think brand new mothers go through. In fact, I think it’s something that people in general through when they take on something that has incredible expectations attached to it. Parenthood is probably at the top of that pyramid. Since you’re a woman, everyone expects you to know how to be a mother. They believe that knowledge is in your DNA. While females do have maternal instincts of some sort, there is a lot to learn about being a mother. Many young women go into motherhood with fear and anxiety, because they feel they are unfit to be a mother. The truth of the matter is, yes you are unfit when you first start out. That’s okay though. Being a mother doesn’t come from reading a library of books. Being a mother comes from giving everything you have to nurture your child. It comes from doing your very best even when you are unsure what that might be.

Another thing to keep in mind, the things that you may consider as short comings, may not be perceived by other as that. They may see a woman who loves her child, and is doing everything above and beyond. So cut yourself some slack, take a deep breath, and keep doing what you’re doing.


Silence Your Inner Critic

This sort of goes hand in hand with the last tip. It’s so incredibly important that you don’t compare yourself to other mothers. There is a fear inside of all of us that everyone around us is better off than we are. When really, everyone is doing exactly the same most of the time. You have to remember than no two mothers are the same, and no two parenting methods are the same. So when you compare yourself to another mother, it’s not an accurate or fair comparison. It’s like asking people which type of orange juice is better. Pulp or Pulp Free? There is no right answer. They are both great for different people. One is not better than the other just because some people don’t drink it.

So whenever you start to feel down and out because of something you think you might be doing wrong, just ask yourself if what you’re feeling is legitimate or not? Is it you or that nasty critic whispering in your ear?


Communication is Key

This next tip really only applies to parents who have kids with some cognitive function, and can communicate to some degree. The worst thing in the world is not being connected with your kids. Those with teenagers in the house know it feels when you ask a kids something, and they blankly respond out of disinterest. Probably because they are on their phones or playing a game of sorts. That’s why it’s important that you establish a connection with them when they are young. Play a game with them, tell them a story. If you show them that open communication is an important part of any relationships, they will carry that throughout their entire life.

Also, spending time doing something your kid enjoys, gives your insight into their personality. Yes, your children are probably like you in many ways. That’s partly because you raised them with the same values and beliefs that you share. Yet, your children have a side that you are probably unfamiliar with, because after all they are different people. So get to know them.


Be Flexible

You may not realize it, but you are probably exemplifying your parents and upbringing when raising your kids. If you think about it, we are all products of our experiences and our greatest influences. There is probably no greater influence than by that of a parent. Their parenting styles were the law of the land for you. So the very idea of deviating and maybe trying something else is considered heresy in your eyes. You have to remember though, you are an adult. You get to do whatever you want. That means you get to raise your kids however you want, and Mom and Dad can’t say a word. So don’t be afraid to try something new. Your parents are not perfect humans. They have flaws, and making a change might actually be an incredible improvement.


Let Your Kids Fail

This will be hard for a lot of mom. You spend so much time nurturing and loving your child, you will find it difficult to reign it back when they get older. Making mistake, and dealing with them is an incredibly important part in any person’s life. If Mom comes to the rescue every single time, they will never learn how to deal with life on their own. It’s important that you let them experience all of it. If you don’t, you’re handicapping them. As much as you may love them, there will come a time where you will not be able to fight their battles for them. A time where they will earn a few battle scars. It might be painful for you to watch, but you will be doing the right thing.



I hope this advice helps you out in some way. It’s hard being a mother, and sometimes people don’t necessarily see that. We give and we give, until we just can’t give anymore. Take these tips, and do what you can with them. Also, if you have any tips, let me know. I would love to hear them. Thanks again, ladies. It means the world to me that you read my posts. See you next time!