Ok Girls,

This Sprint Mobile Review is near and dear to my heart.



I am looking for some feedback on this Sprint Review. The first thing I will say is that this Sprint Review is coming directly from my personal experience. I have to say that I am fit to be tied. I am choosing to do this Sprint Review after my husband and I switched wireless carriers from Verizon Wireless to Sprint (big mistake) after seeing all their claims of cutting your mobile bill in half. Our service plan with Verizon Wireless had just completed so we decided to look into the savings that Sprint was advertising we have a family of seven and two extra tablets so our bill was averaging about $450.00 per month with Verizon Wireless. We loved the service that Verizon Wireless provided but thought we might do ok with Sprint and cutting our bill in half sounded great. We started doing some research online and found good reviews and it started to look as if Sprint might be a viable option for us.

Head First

We took the plunge the following weekend and went into the sprint store in Anaheim CA on State College Blvd. It was a small store and the employees seemed very helpful. We traded our old phones and tablets in (some barley working) and received the latest new phones on an easy pay plan. All in all it seemed like a great exchange our new bill was quoted to be around $450.00 per month but we did not have to come out of pocket for the new phones we received. We were very excited to say the least the kids loved their IPhone 6’s and 6+,s My husband loved his new Note 4 and the 2 new Samsung Tablets were really great.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Toto

At first the excitement had us overwhelmed and then we began to notice a high volume of dropped calls, poor call quality and limited to no 4g or even 3g data available. It reminded me of the old mobile service commercial where the actors kept repeating “can you hear me now”.  My husband would call me on his drive home from work using his Bluetooth system built into his car. A tradition we enjoyed with Verizon Wireless that allowed us to catch up prior to him walking through the door leaving our face to face time for more important things, if you know what I mean. That special time was gone for with Sprint we can barely hear each other talking and it now creates more frustration than connection.

Deeper Into The Abyss

My husband paid the first bill witch was about $437.00 and with a sigh of relief realized you get what you pay for and focused on the day we return to Verizon Wireless. Within a week the new bill posted online and it was a whopping $1,600.00. What the #@$(*&% $1,600.00 for the worst service known to man (at least in North America. My husband called and informed the Sprint Customer service rep of our contract that we have in writing and the customer service rep assured my husband that there was some mistake and that the bill should reflect the proper charges in about a week, whew!

A week went by and then began the hours of calling and going back and forth with different Sprint representatives some agreeing with us and others trying to tell us why our bill was $1,600.00 per month. If we called on the weekend we spoke to horrible Sprint Reps in India that not only were rude but seemed to act as if we were to blame after all we had 7 phones and two tablets and our bill should be 4 times the amount of Verizon Wireless (the best cell service in North America). We even went to the Sprint store were we signed up and got our new phones and they agreed that something was wrong and called their supervisor who corrected the problem only to have his corrections overridden by some mysterious higher power within the Sprint corporate chain.

Finally after over 100 hours of phone calls store visits our Sprint bill was reduced to about $557.00 and although it is about $100.00 more than we originally quoted we just can’t conceive of putting out any more fight for the last $100.00. We will simply wait until we can pay off the phones and go back to Verizon Wireless. Or maybe T-Mobile….:) Just kidding Verizon is the best.

Ok Please comment on your experience with Sprint.